Prof.ssa Anita De Rossi

Prof.ssa Anita De Rossi

Prof.ssa Anita De Rossi

Professore ordinario

Attività di ricerca

Mechanisms promoting Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)-driven malignancies

Better understanding of the mechanisms promoting malignancies associated with EBV will allow us to personalize monitoring of at-risk subjects (e.g., transplant patients) and to design new strategies to prevent/cure EBV-driven malignancies.

New approaches for the diagnosis and monitoring of tumors: telomere/telomerase complex

The definition of the prognostic/predictive value of telomere and telomerase, main drivers of  the unlimited replicative capacity of tumor cells, will allow  us to design new approaches for minimally invasive monitoring of tumor onset/progression and response to therapy.

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