Dr. Stefano Indraccolo


This research line involves the study of the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying tumor heterogeneity and of the complex relationship between the tumor and the microenvironment, in both human tumors and preclinical models. Such research will lead to the implementation of molecular diagnostic approaches and new treatments into clinical practice, which will provide real-time benefits for cancer patients.


Experimental oncology has historically been a key think tank for the conception of cancer biology models; it is also the starting point for the development of innovative cancer therapies that, over the past two decades, have become available to a wider range of cancer patients. Examples include molecular target therapies for “actionable” genes and therapies that modulate the tumor microenvironment, such as antiangiogenic therapy and immunotherapy. One of the main challenges of this research line is to combine pre-clinical observations with those obtained from clinical experience and translate this wealth of knowledge intodiagnostic and therapeutic improvements.


One of the emerging aspects at the cross level in cancer research is the so-called tumor heterogeneity, which affects both the tumor component and the stroma, and needs to be better characterized in order to provide state of the art therapeutic options. The study of this phenomenon, with cutting-edge technologies at multiple levels (genetic, epigenetic, phenotypic), is essential for the optimization of personalized therapy with molecular target drugs, the understanding of resistance mechanisms, and for the accurate prediction of the genetic risk of cancer.

Global goals

  1. identification of new genetic alterations of pathogenetic and therapeutic relevance;
  2. characterization of tumor heterogeneity at the level of individual tumor cells;
  3. identification of metabolic and transcriptomic profiles of neoplastic cells;
  4. development of mouse models of tumor for the experimentation of innovative therapies.

Expected results

During the three-year period, completion of the IRCCS technological update and a strengthening of translational studies are expected and – starting from a better characterization of tumor biology – will lead to significant results both in terms of identification and validation of new prognostic or predictive molecular markers. Moreover, through the pre-clinical validation of new therapeutic approaches in clinically relevant mouse models, it will be possible to identify pharmacological strategies that –once transferred into the clinical setting – can lead to the improvement of current therapeutic results.

Top 15 pubblicazioni 2019 linea 1
TitoloAutoriRivistaIF grezzo
Genome-wide association and transcriptome studies identify target genes and risk loci for breast cancerCollaborators EMBRACE, Collaborators GC-HBOC Study, Collaborators GEMO Study, Investigators ABCTB, Investigators HEBON, Investigators BCFR, Ferreira Manuel A., Gamazon Eric R., Al-Ejeh Fares, Aittomäki Kristiina, Andrulis Irene L., Anton-Culver Hoda, Arason Adalgeir, Arndt Volker, Aronson Kristan J., Arun Banu K., Asseryanis Ella, Azzollini Jacopo, Balmaña Judith, Barnes Daniel R., Barrowdale Daniel, Beckmann Matthias W., Behrens Sabine, Benitez Javier, Bermisheva Marina, Bialkowska Katarzyna, Blomqvist Carl, Bogdanova Natalia V., Bojesen Stig E., Bolla Manjeet K., Borg Ake, Brauch Hiltrud, Brenner Hermann, Broeks Annegien, Burwinkel Barbara, Caldés Trinidad, Caligo Maria A., Campa Daniele, Campbell Ian, Canzian Federico, Carter Jonathan, Carter Brian D., Castelao Jose E., Chang-Claude Jenny, Chanock Stephen J., Christiansen Hans, Chung Wendy K., Claes Kathleen B.M., Clarke Christine L., Adlard Julian, Ahmed Munaza, Barwell Julian, Brady Angela, Montagna Marco, Radice Paolo, Viel Alessandra, Moserle Lidia, MULLIGAN Nature Communications11.878
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Avoiding unnecessary treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 (CIN2)Del Mistro AnnarosaCLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES9.055
Association of Genomic Domains in BRCA1 and BRCA2 with Prostate Cancer Risk and AggressivenessPatel V.L., Busch E.L., Friebel T.M., Cronin A., Leslie G., McGuffog L., Adlard J., Agata S., Agnarsson B.A., Ahmed M., Aittomäki K., Alducci Elisa, Andrulis I.L., Arason A., Arnold N., Artioli G., Arver B., Auber B., Azzollini J., Balmaña J., Barkardottir R.B., Barnes D.R., Barroso A., Barrowdale D., Belotti M., Benitez J., Bertelsen B., Blok M.J., Bodrogi I., Bonadona V., Bonanni B., Bondavalli D., Boonen S.E., Borde J., Borg A., Bradbury A.R., Brady A., Brewer C., Brunet J., Buecher B., Buys S.S., Cabezas-Camarero S., Caldés T., Caliebe A., Caligo M.A., Calvello M., Calvello M., Campbell I.G., Carnevali I., Carrasco E., Chan T.L., Chu A.T.W., Chung W.K., Claes K.B.M., Collaborators G.S., Collaborators E., Cook J., Cortesi L., Couch F.J., Daly M.B., Damante G., Darder E., Davidson R., de la Hoya M., Puppa L.D., Dennis J., Díez O., Ding Y.C., Ditsch N., Domchek S.M., Donaldson A., Dworniczak B., Easton D.F., Eccles D.M., Eeles R.A., Ehrencrona H., Ejlertsen B., Engel C., Evans D.G., Faivre L., Faust U., Feliubadaló L., Foretova L., Fostira F., Fountzilas G., Frost D., García-Barberán V., Garre P., Gauthier-Villars M., Géczi L., Gehrig A., Gerdes A.-M., Gesta P., Giannini G., Glendon G., Godwin A.K., Goldgar D.E., Greene M.H., Gutierrez-Barrera A.M., Hahnen E., Hamann U., Hauke J., Herold N., Hogervorst F.B.L., Honisch E., Hopper J.L., Hulick P.J., Investigators K., Investigators H., Izatt L., Jager A., James P., Janavicius R., Jensen U.B., Jensen T.D., Johannsson O.T., John E.M., Joseph V., Kang E., Kast K., Kiiski J.I., Kim S.-W., Kim Z., Ko K.-P., Konstantopoulou I., Kramer G., Krogh L., Kruse T.A., Kwong A., Larsen M., Lasset C., Lautrup C., Lazaro C., Lee J., Lee J.W., Lee M.H., Lemke J., Lesueur F., Liljegren A., Lindblom A., Llovet P., Lopez-Fernández A., Lopez-Perolio I., Lorca V., Loud J.T., Ma E.S.K., Mai P.L., Manoukian S., Mari V., Martin L., Matricardi Laura, Mebirouk N., Medici V., Meijers-Heijboer H.E.J., Meindl A., Mensenkamp A.R., Miller C., Gomes D.M., Montagna Marco, Mooij T.M., Moserle Lidia, Mouret-Fourme E., Mulligan A.M., Nathanson K.L., Navratilova M., Nevanlinna H., Niederacher D., Nielsen F.C.C., Nikitina-Zake L., Offit K., Olah E., Olopade O.I., Ong K.-R., Osorio A., Ott C.-E., Palli D., Park S.K., Parsons M.T., Pedersen I.S., Peissel B., Peixoto A., Pérez-Segura P., Peterlongo P., Petersen A.H., Porteous M.E., Pujana M.A., Radice P., Ramser J., Rantala J., Rashid M.U., Rhiem K., Rizzolo P., Robson M.E., Rookus M.A., Rossing C.M., Ruddy K.J., Santos C., Saule C., Scarpitta R., Schmutzler R.K., Schuster H., Senter L., Seynaeve C.M., Shah P.D., Sharma P., Shin V.Y., Silvestri V., Simard J., Singer C.F., Skytte A.-B., Snape K., Solano A.R., Soucy P., Southey M.C., Spurdle A.B., Steele L., Steinemann D., Stoppa-Lyonnet D., Stradella A., Sunde L., Sutter C., Tan Y.Y., Teixeira M.R., Teo S.H., Thomassen M., Tibiletti M.G., Tischkowitz M., Tognazzo Silvia, Toland A.E., Tommasi S., Torres D., Toss A., Trainer A.H., Tung N., van Asperen C.J., van der Baan F.H., van der Kolk L.E., van der Luijt R.B., van Hest L.P., Varesco L., Varon-Mateeva R., Viel A., Vierstrate J., Villa R., von Wachenfeldt A., Wagner P., Wang-Gohrke S., Wappenschmidt B., Weitzel J.N., Wieme G., Yadav S., Yannoukakos D., Yoon S.-Y., Zanzottera C., Zanzottera C., Zorn K.K., D'Amico A.V., Freedman M.L., Pomerantz M.M., Chenevix-Trench G., Antoniou A.C., Neuhausen S.L., Ottini L., Nielsen H.R., Rebbeck T.R.CANCER RESEARCH8.378
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A juxtacrine/paracrine loop between C-Kit and stem cell factor promotes cancer stem cell survival in epithelial ovarian cancerMazzoldi Elena Laura, Pavan Simona, Pilotto Giorgia, Leone Kevin, Pagotto Anna, Frezzini Simona, NICOLETTO MARIA ORNELLA, Amadori Alberto, Pasto AnnaCell Death & Disease5.959
Overcoming platinum-acquired resistance in ovarian cancer patient-derived xenograftsRicci Francesca, Brunelli Laura, Affatato Roberta, Chilà Rosaria, Verza Martina, Indraccolo Stefano, Falcetta Francesca, Fratelli Maddalena, Fruscio Robert, Pastorelli Roberta, Damia GiovannaTherapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology5.67
Rewiring of Lipid Metabolism and Storage in Ovarian Cancer Cells after Anti-VEGF TherapyCurtarello Matteo, Tognon Martina, Venturoli Carolina, silic-benussi micol, Grassi Angela, Verza Martina, Minuzzo Sonia, Pinazza Marica, Brillo Valentina, Tosi Giovanni, Ferrazza Ruggero, Guella Graziano, Iorio Egidio, Godfroid Adrien, Sounni Nor Eddine, Amadori Alberto, Indraccolo StefanoCells5.656
The Centrosome and the Primary Cilium: The Yin and Yang of a Hybrid OrganelleJoukov Vladimir, De Nicolo ArcangelaCells5.656
Immune senescence and immune activation in elderly colorectal cancer patientsGiunco Silvia, Petrara Maria Raffaella, bergamo francesca, Del Bianco Paola, Zanchetta Marisa, Carmona Francesco, zagonel vittorina, De Rossi Anita, Lonardi SaraAging-US5.515
Mendelian randomisation study of height and body mass index as modifiers of ovarian cancer risk in 22,588 BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriersQian F, Rookus MA, ..., Montagna Marco, Tognazzo Silvia, ..., on behalf of CIMBABRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER5.416
Metabolic rewiring and redox alterations in malignant pleural mesotheliomaUrso Loredana, Cavallari Ilaria, Sharova Evgeniya, Ciccarese Francesco, Pasello Giulia, Ciminale VincenzoBRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER5.416
Oncogenic pathways and the electron transport chain: a dangeROS liaisonRaimondi Vittoria, Ciccarese Francesco, Ciminale VincenzoBRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER5.416

Source: IOV Scientific library

Top 15 pubblicazioni 2018 linea 1
TitoloAutoriRivistaIF grezzo
Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-D Enables Liver Myofibroblasts to Promote Tumor Lymphangiogenesis in CholangiocarcinomaCadamuro Massimiliano, Brivio Simone, Mertens Joachim, Vismara Marta, Moncsek Anja, Milani Chiara, Fingas Christian, Cristina Malerba Maria, Nardo Giorgia, Dall'Olmo Luigi, Milani Eleonora, Mariotti Valeria, Stecca Tommaso, Massani Marco, Spirli Carlo, Fiorotto Romina, Indraccolo Stefano, Strazzabosco Mario, Fabris LucaJOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY15.04
Height and Body Mass Index as Modifiers of Breast Cancer Risk in BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers A Mendelian Randomization StudyGEMO Study Collaborators Gruppo, Qian Frank, Wang Shengfeng, Mitchell Jonathan, McGuffog Lesley, Barrowdale Daniel, Leslie Goska, Oosterwijk Jan C, Chung Wendy K, Evans D Gareth, Engel Christoph, Kast Karin, Aalfs Cora M, Adank Muriel A, Adlard Julian, Agnarsson Bjarni A, Aittom¿¿ki Kristiina, Alducci Elisa, Andrulis Irene L, Arun Banu K, Ausems Margreet G E M, Azzollini Jacopo, Barouk-Simonet Emmanuelle, Barwell Julian, Belotti Muriel, Benitez Javier, Berger Andreas, Borg Ake, Bradbury Angela R, Brunet Joan, Buys Saundra S, Caldes Trinidad, Caligo Maria A, Campbell Ian, Caputo Sandrine M, Chiquette Jocelyne, Claes Kathleen B M, Margriet Coll¿¿e J, Couch Fergus J, Coupier Isabelle, Daly Mary B, Davidson Rosemarie, Diez Orland, Domchek Susan M, Donaldson Alan, Dorfling Cecilia M, Eeles Ros, Feliubadal¿¿ Lidia, Foretova Lenka, Montagna Marco, Radice PaoloJOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE11.238
Metformin Enhances Cisplatin-Induced Apoptosis and Prevents Resistance to Cisplatin in Co-mutated KRAS/LKB1 NSCLCMoro Massimo, Caiola Elisa, Ganzinelli Monica, Zulato Elisabetta, Rulli Eliana, Marabese Mirko, Centonze Giovanni, Busico Adele, Pastorino Ugo, de Braud Filippo G, Vernieri Claudio, Simbolo Michele, Bria Emilio, Scarpa Aldo, Indraccolo Stefano, Broggini Massimo, Sozzi Gabriella, Garassino Marina ChiaraJournal of Thoracic Oncology10.34
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Aurora-PLK1 cascades as key signaling modules in the regulation of mitosisJoukov Vladimir, De Nicolo ArcangelaScience Signaling6.378
AKR1C enzymes sustain therapy resistance in paediatric T-ALLBortolozzi Roberta, Bresolin Silvia, Rampazzo Elena, Paganin Maddalena, Maule Francesca, Mariotto Elena, Boso Daniele, Minuzzo Sonia, Agnusdei Valentina, Viola Giampietro, Te Kronnie Geertruy, Cazzaniga Giovanni, Basso Giuseppe, Persano LucaBRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER5.922
Selective killing of human T-ALL cells an integrated approach targeting redox homeostasis and the OMA1/OPA1 axissilic-benussi micol, Scattolin Gloria, Cavallari Ilaria, Minuzzo Sonia, Del Bianco Paola, Francescato Samuela, Basso Giuseppe, Indraccolo Stefano, D'Agostino Donna M, Ciminale VincenzoCell Death & Disease5.638
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The BRCA2 c.68-7T > A variant is not pathogenic: A model for clinical calibration of spliceogenicitykConFab/AOCS Investigators Gruppo, Colombo Mara, L¿¿pez-Perolio Irene, Meeks Huong D, Caleca Laura, Parsons Michael T, Li Hongyan, De Vecchi Giovanna, Tudini Emma, Foglia Claudia, Mondini Patrizia, Manoukian Siranoush, Behar Raquel, Garcia Encarna B G¿¿mez, Meindl Alfons, Montagna Marco, Niederacher Dieter, Schmidt Ane Y, Varesco Liliana, Wappenschmidt Barbara, Bolla Manjeet K, Dennis Joe, Michailidou Kyriaki, Wang Qin, Aittom¿¿ki Kristiina, Andrulis Irene L, Anton-Culver Hoda, Arndt Volker, Beckmann Matthias W, Beeghly-Fadel Alicia, Benitez Javier, Boeckx Bram, Bogdanova Natalia V, Bojesen Stig E, Bonanni Bernardo, Brauch Hiltrud, Brenner Hermann, Burwinkel Barbara, Chang-Claude Jenny, Conroy Don M, Couch Fergus J, Cox Angela, Cross Simon S, Czene Kamila, Devilee Peter, D¿¿rk Thilo, Eriksson Mikael, Fasching Peter A, Figueroa Jonine, Fletcher Olivia, Radice PaoloHUMAN MUTATION5.359
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BCR kinase inhibitors, idelalisib and ibrutinib, are active and effective in Richter syndromeVisentin Andrea, Imbergamo Silvia, Scomazzon Edoardo, Pravato Stefano, Frezzato Federica, Bonaldi Laura, Pizzi Marco, Vio Stefania, Michele Gregianin, Burei Marta, Facco Monica, Semenzato Gianpietro, Piazza Francesco, Trentin LivioBRITISH JOURNAL OF HAEMATOLOGY5.128
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Source: IOV Scientific library