LINE 3 – cancer genomics and big data

LINE 3 – cancer genomics and big data


Prof. PierFranco Conte


The goal of the Cancer Genomics and Big Data research line is to validate methods and pathways that will allow the clinical oncologist to have, at the time of diagnosis, a detailed view of the mutational structure of the tumor, in other words, the molecular footprint of the tumor. The availability of massive parallel sequencing techniques (NGS) will allow the Veneto Institute of Oncology to not only be an active part of the broader ACC Genomics program, initiated by the national IRCCS oncology network Alleanza Contro Cancro (ACC), but also to develop and validate NGS methods for the study of tumor DNA from liquid biopsy or circulating tumor cells.


The notion that cancer is a genetic disease, or rather a disease of the genes, has led to the concept that each tumor is characterized by different mutations or combinations of mutations. The acquisitions in this field have been supported by an acceleration in the availability of technology necessary for DNA analysis, and it is now economically possible to analyze the entire genome of a tumor, paving the way for an intensive use of genetic information in oncology. In fact, several drugs have been developed by virtue of the presence of particular mutations. The challenge before us is to obtain and use complex information, such as the genomic analysis of the tumor, to ensure the most effective therapy for each patient. IOV has accepted this challenge within the ACC genomics program, together with the other members of the IRCCS oncology network.


The institute-wide availability of a technology platform for the analysis of tumor genomics, the significant knowledge and experience of IOV in the field of genetics, and the great interest expressed by our clinical oncologists are the indispensable prerequisites for the implementation of this line of research.
Researchers will be able to analyze panels containing all the “actionable” mutations for which present and potential anticancer drugs exist, and all the variants capable of conditioning the efficacy and tolerability of these drugs. This will allow oncologists to choose the most appropriate therapies for that particular tumor and to follow innovative therapeutic protocols. The analysis of tumor genomics will produce a significant amount of data and a formidable informational heritage that will require specific methods of data retention and transmission.

Global goals

  1. To create and validate a path from tumor biopsy to the clinical use of the mutational tumor structure;
  2. To validate the use of the new ACC GENOMICS platform in the study of various tumors, including liquid biopsy;
  3. To validate new platforms for the acquisition and exchange of Big Data.

Expected results

  • the provision of timely and systematic data on the molecular structure of tumors for the appropriate targeted therapy choices;
  • the development of a genomic tool for the study of liquid biopsy able to reveal progressive mutational changes;
  • the identification of new ways to share and transfer Big Data.

Top 15 pubblicazioni Linea 3 anno 2020
TitoloAutori/AutriciRivistaIF grezzo
Serial analysis of circulating tumor cells in metastatic breast cancer receiving first-line chemotherapyMagbanua Mark Jesus M, Hendrix Laura H, Hyslop Terry, Barry William T, Winer Eric P, Hudis Clifford, Toppmeyer Deborah, Carey Lisa Anne, Partridge Ann H, Pierga Jean-Yves, Fehm Tanja, Vidal-Martínez José, Mavroudis Dimitrios, Garcia-Saenz Jose A, Stebbing Justin, Gazzaniga Paola, Manso Luis, Zamarchi Rita, Antelo María Luisa, De Mattos-Arruda Leticia, Generali Daniele, Caldas Carlos, Munzone Elisabetta, Dirix Luc, Delson Amy L, Burstein Harold, Qadir Misbah, Ma Cynthia, Scott Janet H, Bidard François-Clément, Park John W, Rugo Hope SJOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE11.577
Dysmetabolic Circulating Tumor Cells Are Prognostic in Metastatic Breast CancerBrisotto Giulia, Biscontin Eva, Rossi Elisabetta, Bulfoni Michela, Piruska Aigars, Spazzapan Simon, poggiana cristina, Vidotto Riccardo, Steffan Agostino, Colombatti Alfonso, Huck Wilhelm T S, Cesselli Daniela, Zamarchi Rita, Turetta Matteo, Del Ben FabioCANCERS6.126
Genetic Variants of the TERT Gene, Telomere Length, and Circulating TERT as Prognostic Markers in Rectal Cancer PatientsEnrica Rampazzo, Erika Cecchin, Del Bianco Paola, Menin Chiara, Gaya Spolverato, Silvia Giunco, Lonardi Sara, Sandro Malacrida , Antonino De Paoli, Giuseppe Toffoli, Salvatore Pucciarelli, De Rossi AnitaCANCERS6.126
Mutational profile of malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) in the phase II RAMES studyPagano Maria, Ceresoli Luca Giovanni, Zucali Paolo Andrea, Pasello Giulia, Garassino Marina, Grosso Federica, Tiseo Marcello, Parra Hector Soto, Zanelli Francesca, Cappuzzo Federico, Grossi Francesco, De Marinis Filippo, Pedrazzoli Paolo, Gnoni Roberta, Bonelli Candida, Torricelli Federica, Ciarrocchi Alessia, Normanno Nicola, Pinto CarmineCANCERS6.126
TERT Promoter Mutations Differently Correlate with the Clinical Outcome of MAPK Inhibitor-Treated Melanoma PatientsDel Bianco Paola, Stagni Camilla, Giunco Silvia, Fabozzi Alessio, Elefanti Lisa, Pellegrini Stefania, Vecchiato Antonella, Pigozzo Jacopo, Zamuner Carolina, De Rossi Anita, De Nicolo Arcangela, Menin ChiaraCANCERS6.126
The Pathologic and Molecular Landscape of Esophageal Squamous Cell CarcinogenesisBusinello Gianluca, Parente Paola, Mastracci Luca, Pennelli Gianmaria, Traverso Giulia, Milione Massimo, Bellan Elena, Michelotto Mauro, Kotsafti Andromachi, Grillo Federica, Fassan MatteoCANCERS6.126
LKB1 mutations are not associated with the efficacy of first-line and second-line chemotherapy in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC): a post hoc analysis of the TAILOR trialTrialists TAILOR, Vernieri Claudio, Ganzinelli Monica, Rulli Eliana, Farina Gabriella, Bettini Anna Cecilia, Bareggi Claudia, Rosso Lorenzo, Signorelli Diego, Galli Giulia, Lo Russo Giuseppe, Proto Claudia, Moro Massimo, Indraccolo Stefano, Busico Adele, Sozzi Gabriella, Torri Valter, Marabese Mirko, Massimo Broggini, Garassino Marina C.ESMO OPEN5.329
MC1R variants in relation to naevi in melanoma cases and controls: a pooled analysis from the M-SKIP projectStefanaki I., Stratigos A. J., Kypreou K. P., Evangelou E., Gandini S., Maisonneuve P., Polsky D., Lazovich D., Newton-Bishop J., Kanetsky P. A., Puig S., Gruis N. A., Ghiorzo P., Pellegrini C., De Nicolo Arcangela, Ribas G., Guida G., Garcia-Borron J. C., Fargnoli M. C., Nan H., Landi M. T., Little J., Sera F., Raimondi S.JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY AND VENEREOLOGY5.248
SMO mutations confer poor prognosis in malignant pleural mesotheliomaSignorelli Diego, Proto Claudia, Botta Laura, Trama Annalisa, Tiseo Marcello, Pasello Giulia, Russo Giuseppe Lo, Fabbri Alessandra, Imbimbo Martina, Busico Adele, Prelaj Arsela, Ferrara Roberto, Galli Giulia, de Toma Alessandro, Tamborini Elena, Pastorino Ugo, de Braud Filippo, Gatta Gemma, Garassino Marina Chiara, Ganzinelli MonicaTRASLATIONAL LUNG CANCER RESEARCH5.132
SRC and PIM1 as potential co-targets to overcome resistance in MET deregulated non-small cell lung cancerAttili Ilaria, Bonanno Laura, Karachaliou Niki, Bracht Jillian Wilhelmina Paulina, Berenguer Jordi, Codony-Servat Carles, Codony-Servat Jordi, Aldeguer Erika, Gimenez-Capitan Ana, Maso Alessandro Dal, Fassan Matteo, Chaib Imane, Molina-Vila Miguel Angel, Passaro Antonio, de Marinis Filippo, Pasello Giulia, Guarneri Valentina, Conte Pierfranco, Rosell RafaelTRASLATIONAL LUNG CANCER RESEARCH5.132
Helicobacter pylori Dampens HLA-II Expression on Macrophages via the Up-Regulation of miRNAs Targeting CIITACodolo Gaia, Toffoletto Marta, Chemello Francesco, Coletta Sara, Soler Teixidor Gemma, Battaggia Greta, Munari Giada, Fassan Matteo, Cagnin Stefano, de Bernard MarinaFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY5.085
Comparison of Pheochromocytoma-Specific Morbidity and Mortality Among Adults With Bilateral Pheochromocytomas Undergoing Total Adrenalectomy vs Cortical-Sparing AdrenalectomyNeumann H, Tsoy U, Bancos I, Amodru V, Walz M, Tirosh A, Jeet Kaur R, McKenzie T, Qi X, Bandgar T, Petrov R, Yukina M, Roslyakova A, van der Horst-Schrivers A, Berends A, Hoff A, Audi Castroneves L, Ferrara Alfonso Massimiliano, Rizzati S, Mian C, Dvorakova S, Hasse-Lazar K, Kvachenyuk A, Peczkowska M, Loli P, Erenler F, Krauss T, Almeida M, Liu L, Zhu F, Recasens M, Wohllk N, Corssmit E, Shafigullina Z, Calissendorff J, Grozinsky-Glasberg S, Kunavisarut T, Schalin-Jäntti C, Castinetti F, Vlcek P, Beltsevich D, Egorov V, schiavi francesca, Links T, Lechan R, Bausch B, Young Jr W, Eng C, International Bilateral-Pheochromocytoma-Registry GroupJAMA NETWORK OPEN5.032
Allelic Imbalance Analysis in Liquid Biopsy to Monitor Locally Advanced Esophageal Cancer Patients During TreatmentBoldrin Elisa, Curtarello Matteo, Fassan Matteo, Rugge Massimo, realdon stefano, alfieri rita, Amadori Alberto, Saggioro DanielaFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY4.848
Case Report: BAP1 Mutation and RAD21 Amplification as Predictive Biomarkers to PARP Inhibitor in Metastatic Intrahepatic CholangiocarcinomaSabbatino Francesco, Liguori Luigi, Malapelle Umberto, schiavi francesca, Tortora Vincenzo, Conti Valeria, Filippelli Amelia, Tortora Giampaolo, Ferrone Cristina R., Pepe StefanoFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY4.848
Pharmacogenomics Biomarkers of Soft Tissue Sarcoma TherapiesCaruso Chiara, Garofalo CeciliaFRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY4.848

Top 15 pubblicazioni 2019 linea 3
TitoloAutoririvistaIF grezzo
Alpelisib for PIK3CA-Mutated, Hormone Receptor-Positive Advanced Breast CancerGroup SOLAR-1 Study, André Fabrice, Ciruelos Eva, Rubovszky Gabor, Campone Mario, Loibl Sibylle, Rugo Hope S, Iwata Hiroji, Conte Pierfranco, Mayer Ingrid A, Kaufman Bella, Yamashita Toshinari, Lu Yen-Shen, Inoue Kenichi, Takahashi Masato, Pápai Zsuzsanna, Longin Anne-Sophie, Mills David, Wilke Celine, Hirawat Samit, Juric Dejan, Aieta MicheleNEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE70.67
Management of vertebral radiotherapy dose in paediatric patients with cancer: consensus recommendations from the SIOPE radiotherapy working groupHoeben Bianca A., Carrie Christian, Timmermann Beate, Mandeville Henry C., Gandola Lorenza, Dieckmann Karin, Ramos Albiac Monica, Magelssen Henriette, Lassen-Ramshad Yasmin, Ondrová Barbora, Ajithkumar Thankamma, Alapetite Claire, Balgobind Brian V., Bolle Stephanie, Cameron Alison L., Davila Fajardo Raquel, Dietzsch Stefan, Dumont Lecomte Delphine, van den Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M., Kortmann Rolf D., Laprie Anne, Melchior Patrick, Padovani Laetitia, Rombi Barbara, Scarzello Giovanni, Schwarz Rudolf, Seiersen Klaus, Seravalli Enrica, Thorp Nicola, Whitfield Gillian A., Boterberg Tom, Janssens Geert O.LANCET ONCOLOGY35.386
OlympiAD final overall survival and tolerability results: Olaparib versus chemotherapy treatment of physician’s choice in patients with a germline BRCA mutation and HER2-negative metastatic breast cancerRobson M E, Tung N, Conte Pierfranco, Im S-A, Senkus E, Xu B, Masuda N, Delaloge S, Li W, Armstrong A, Wu W, Goessl C, Runswick S, Domchek S MANNALS OF ONCOLOGY14.196
HER2-Enriched Subtype and ERBB2 Expression in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Treated with Dual HER2 BlockadePrat Aleix, Pascual Tomás, De Angelis Carmine, Gutierrez Carolina, Llombart-Cussac Antonio, Wang Tao, Cortés Javier, Rexer Brent, Paré Laia, Forero Andres, Wolff Antonio C, Morales Serafín, Adamo Barbara, Brasó-Maristany Fara, Vidal Maria, Veeraraghavan Jamunarani, Krop Ian, Galván Patricia, Pavlick Anne C, Bermejo Begoña, Izquierdo Miguel, Rodrik-Outmezguine Vanessa, Reis-Filho Jorge S, Hilsenbeck Susan G, Oliveira Mafalda, Dieci Maria Vittoria, Griguolo Gaia, Fasani Roberta, Nuciforo Paolo, Parker Joel S, Conte Pierfranco, Schiff Rachel, Guarneri Valentina, Osborne C Kent, Rimawi Mothaffar FJOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE10.211
Validation of the AJCC prognostic stage for HER2-positive breast cancer in the ShortHER trialDieci Maria Vittoria, Bisagni G, Brandes A, Frassoldati A, Cavanna l, Giotta F, Aieta M, Gebbia V, Musolino A, Garrone O, Donadio M, Rimanti A, Beano A, Zimagni C, Sarti HS, Piacentini F, Danese S, Ferro A, Cagossi K, Sarti S, Gambaro AR, Romito S, Bazan V, Amaducci L, Moretti G, Foschini MP, Balduzzi S, Vicini R, D’Amico R, Griguolo Gaia, Guarneri Valentina, Conte PierfrancoBMC Medicine8.285
MSC-Delivered Soluble TRAIL and Paclitaxel as Novel Combinatory Treatment for Pancreatic AdenocarcinomaRossignoli Filippo, Spano Carlotta, Grisendi Giulia, Foppiani Elisabetta Manuela, Golinelli Giulia, Mastrolia Ilenia, Bestagno Marco, Candini Olivia, Petrachi Tiziana, Recchia Alessandra, Miselli Francesca, Rovesti Giulia, Orsi Giulia, Veronesi Elena, Medici Gregorio, Petocchi Benedetta, Pinelli Massimo, Horwitz Edwin M, Conte Pierfranco, Dominici MassimoTheranostics8.063
EPAC-lung: pooled analysis of circulating tumour cells in advanced non-small cell lung cancerLindsay C R, Blackhall F H, Carmel A, Fernandez-Gutierrez F, Gazzaniga P, Groen H J M, Hiltermann T J N, Krebs M G, Loges S, López-López R, Muinelo-Romay L, Pantel K, Priest L, Riethdorf S, Rossi Elisabetta, Terstappen L, Wikman H, Soria J-C, Farace F, Renehan A, Dive C, Besse B, Michiels SEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER6.68
Patient-reported outcomes in patients with a germline BRCA mutation and HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer receiving olaparib versus chemotherapy in the OlympiAD trialRobson Mark, Ruddy Kathryn J, Im Seock-Ah, Senkus Elzbieta, Xu Binghe, Domchek Susan M, Masuda Norikazu, Li Wei, Tung Nadine, Armstrong Anne, Delaloge Suzette, Bannister Wendy, Goessl Carsten, Degboe Arnold, Hettle Robert, Conte PierfrancoEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER6.68
Detection and Prognostic Relevance of Circulating and Disseminated Tumour Cell in Dogs with Metastatic Mammary Carcinoma: A Pilot StudyMarconato Laura, Facchinetti Antonella, Zanardello Claudia, Rossi Elisabetta, Vidotto Riccardo, Capello Katia, Melchiotti Erica, Laganga Paola, Zamarchi Rita, Vascellari MartaCancers6.162
Trastuzumab emtansine with or without pertuzumab versus trastuzumab with taxane for human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-positive advanced breast cancerPerez Edith A, Barrios Carlos, Eiermann Wolfgang, Toi Masakazu, Im Young-Hyuck, Conte Pierfranco, Martin Miguel, Pienkowski Tadeusz, Pivot Xavier B, Burris Howard A, Petersen Jennifer A, De Haas Sanne, Hoersch Silke, Patre Monika, Ellis Paul AnthonyCANCER6.102
A Novel 3D Scaffold for Cell Growth to Asses Electroporation EfficacyDettin Monica, Sieni Elisabetta, Zamuner Annj, Marino Ramona, Sgarbossa Paolo, Lucibello Maria, Tosi Anna Lisa, Keller Flavio, Campana Luca Giovanni, Signori EmanuelaCells5.656
CTCs 2020: Great Expectations or Unreasonable DreamsRossi Elisabetta, Fabbri FrancescoCells5.656
Recommendations for the implementation of BRCA testing in ovarian cancer patients and their relativesGori Stefania, Barberis Massimo, Bella Maria Angela, Buttitta Fiamma, Capoluongo Ettore, Carrera Paola, Colombo Nicoletta, Cortesi Laura, Genuardi Maurizio, Gion Massimo, Guarneri Valentina, Incorvaia Lorena, La Verde Nicla, Lorusso Domenica, Marchetti Antonio, Marchetti Paolo, Normanno Nicola, Pasini Barbara, Pensabene Matilde, Pignata Sandro, Radice Paolo, Ricevuto Enrico, Sapino Anna, Tagliaferri Pierosandro, Tassone Pierfrancesco, Trevisiol Chiara, Truini Mauro, Varesco Liliana, Russo AntonioCRITICAL REVIEWS IN ONCOLOGY HEMATOLOGY5.012
The clinical use of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) enumeration for staging of metastatic breast cancer (MBC): International expert consensus paperCristofanilli Massimo, Pierga Jean-Yves, Reuben James, Rademaker Alfred, Davis Andrew A, Peeters Dieter J, Fehm Tanja, Nolé Franco, Gisbert-Criado Rafael, Mavroudis Dimitrios, Grisanti Salvatore, Giuliano Mario, Garcia-Saenz Jose A, Stebbing Justin, Caldas Carlos, Gazzaniga Paola, Manso Luis, Zamarchi Rita, de Lascoiti Angela Fernandez, De Mattos-Arruda Leticia, Ignatiadis Michail, Cabel Luc, van Laere Steven J, Meier-Stiegen Franziska, Sandri Maria-Teresa, Vidal-Martinez Jose, Politaki Eleni, Consoli Francesca, Generali Daniele, Cappelletti Maria Rosa, Diaz-Rubio Eduardo, Krell Jonathan, Dawson Sarah-Jane, Raimondi Cristina, Rutten Annemie, Janni Wolfgang, Munzone Elisabetta, Carañana Vicente, Agelaki Sofia, Almici Camillo, Dirix Luc, Solomayer Erich-Franz, Zorzino Laura, Darrigues Lauren, Reis-Filho Jorge S, Gerratana Lorenzo, Michiels Stefan, Bidard François-Clément, Pantel KlausCRITICAL REVIEWS IN ONCOLOGY HEMATOLOGY5.012
Maintenance with lanreotide in small-cell lung cancer expressing somatostatine receptors: A multicenter, randomized, phase 3 trialCancer) Italian association FONICAP (Operative National Interdisciplinary Force against Lung, Santo Antonio, Pilotto Sara, Galetta Domenico, Grossi Francesco, Fasola Gianpiero, Romano Gianpiero, Bonanno Laura, Bearz Alessandra, Papi Maximilian, Roca Elisa, Catino Annamaria, Follador Alessandro, Rijavec Erika, Genova Carlo, Petrillo Patrizia, Favaretto Adolfo, Giannone Luciana, Milella Michele, Tortora Giampaolo, Giannarelli Diana, Bria EmilioLUNG CANCER4.599

Top 15 pubblicazioni 2021 linea 3
TitoloAutoriTestataIF grezzo
Chemoradiotherapy followed by Active Surveillance Versus Standard Esophagectomy for Esophageal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysisvan der Wilk Berend J, Eyck Ben M, Hofstetter Wayne L, Ajani Jaffer A, Piessen Guillaume, Castoro Carlo, ALFIERI RITA, Kim Jong H, Kim Sung-Bae, Furlong Heidi, Walsh Thomas N, Nieboer Daan, Wijnhoven Bas P L, Lagarde Sjoerd M, Lanschot J Jan B vanANNALS OF SURGERY12.969
Proficiency Testing to Assess Technical Performance for CTC-Processing and Detection Methods in CANCER-IDCANCER-ID Consortium Gruppo, Neves Rui P.L., Ammerlaan Wim, Andree Kiki C., Bender Sebastian, Cayrefourcq Laure, Driemel Christiane, Koch Claudia, Luetke-Eversloh Merlin Verena, Oulhen Marianne, Rossi Elisabetta, Alix-Panabières Catherine, Betsou Fay, Farace Françoise, Riethdorf Sabine, Schlange Thomas, Wikman Harriet, Zamarchi Rita, Pantel Klaus, Terstappen Leon W.M.M., Stoecklein Nikolas H.CLINICAL CHEMISTRY8.327
A Multicenter Epidemiological Study on Second Malignancy in Non-Syndromic Pheochromocytoma/Paraganglioma Patients in ItalyCanu Letizia, Puglisi Soraya, Berchialla Paola, De Filpo Giuseppina, Brignardello Francesca, SCHIAVI FRANCESCA, Ferrara Alfonso Massimiliano, Zovato Stefania, Luconi Michaela, Pia Anna, Appetecchia Marialuisa, Arvat Emanuela, Letizia Claudio, Maccario Mauro, Parasiliti-Caprino Mirko, Altieri Barbara, Faggiano Antongiulio, Modica Roberta, Morelli Valentina, Arosio Maura, Verga Uberta, Pellegrino Micaela, Petramala Luigi, Concistrè Antonio, Razzore Paola, Ercolino Tonino, Rapizzi Elena, Maggi Mario, Stigliano Antonio, Burrello Jacopo, Terzolo Massimo, Opocher Giuseppe, Mannelli Massimo, Reimondo GiuseppeCancers6.639
Additional value of pet radiomic features for the initial staging of prostate cancer: A systematic review from the literatureGUGLIELMO PRISCILLA, MARTURANO FRANCESCA, Bettinelli Andrea, Gregianin Michele, paiusco marta, Evangelista LauraCancers6.639
Methylation Markers in Cutaneous Melanoma: Unravelling the Potential Utility of Their Tracking by Liquid BiopsyAleotti Valentina, Catoni Cristina, poggiana cristina, ROSATO ANTONIO, Facchinetti Antonella, Scaini Maria ChiaraCancers6.639
Druggable targets meet oncogenic drivers: opportunities and limitations of target-based classification of tumors and the role of Molecular Tumor BoardsDanesi R., Fogli S., INDRACCOLO STEFANO, Del Re M., Dei Tos A. P., Leoncini L., Antonuzzo L., Bonanno Laura, Guarneri Valentina, Pierini A., Amunni G., Conte PierfrancoESMO Open6.54
Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy in patients with metastatic progressive pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma: long-term toxicity, efficacy and prognostic biomarker data of phase II clinical trialsSeveri S, Bongiovanni A, Ferrara Alfonso Massimiliano, Nicolini S, Di Mauro F, Sansovini M, Lolli I, Tardelli E, Cittanti C, Di Iorio V, Mezzenga E, Scarpi E, Ibrahim T, Paganelli G, Zovato StefaniaESMO Open6.54
A fully automated assay to detect the expression of pan-cytokeratins and of EML4-ALK fusion protein in circulating tumour cells (CTCs) predicts outcome of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patientsRossi Elisabetta, Aieta Michele, Tartarone Alfredo, Pezzuto Aldo, Facchinetti Antonella, Santini Daniele, Ulivi Paola, Ludovini Vienna, Possidente Luciana, Fiduccia Pasquale, Minicuci Nadia, Zamarchi RitaTranslational Lung Cancer Research6.498
Comprehensive genomic profiling of combined small cell lung cancerwritten on behalf of the AME Lung Cancer Collaborative Group Gruppo, Zhang Jing, Zhang Liping, Luo Jie, Ge Tao, Fan Pengyu, Sun Liangdong, Hou Likun, Li Junqiang, Yu Huansha, Wu Chunxiao, Zhu Yuming, Wu Chunyan, Jiang Gening, Troncone Giancarlo, Malhotra Jyoti, Okuda Katsuhiro, Santarpia Mariacarmela, Zamarchi Rita, Goto Taichiro, Cardona Andrés F, Xu Jianfang, Chen Qiankun, Zhang Zhonghong, Zhang PengTranslational Lung Cancer Research6.498
EPAC-lung: European pooled analysis of the prognostic value of circulating tumour cells in small cell lung cancerFoy Victoria, Lindsay Colin R, Carmel Alexandra, Fernandez-Gutierrez Fabiola, Krebs Matthew G, Priest Lynsey, Carter Mathew, Groen Harry J M, Hiltermann T Jeroen N, de Luca Antonella, Farace Francoise, Besse Benjamin, Terstappen Leon, Rossi Elisabetta, Morabito Alessandro, Perrone Francesco, Renehan Andrew, Faivre-Finn Corinne, Normanno Nicola, Dive Caroline, Blackhall Fiona, Michiels StefanTranslational Lung Cancer Research6.498
Increased detection of circulating tumor DNA by short fragment enrichmentLiu Yang, Liu Yangyang, Wang Yingying, Li Lei, Yao Wenjun, Song Yingnan, Liu Bing, Chen Weihuang, Santarpia Mariacarmela, Rossi Elisabetta, Zamarchi Rita, Wang Zhe, Wang Qiming, Cheng GangTranslational Lung Cancer Research6.498
The storm of NGS in NSCLC diagnostic-therapeutic pathway: How to sun the real clinical practiceDe Maglio Giovanna, Pasello Giulia, Dono Mariella, Fiorentino Michelangelo, Follador Alessandro, Sciortino Marianna, Malapelle Umberto, Tiseo MarcelloCRITICAL REVIEWS IN ONCOLOGY HEMATOLOGY6.312
3T DCE-MRI Radiomics Improves Predictive Models of Complete Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast CancerMontemezzi Stefania, Benetti Giulio, Bisighin Maria Vittoria, Camera Lucia, Zerbato Chiara, Caumo Francesca, Fiorio Elena, Zanelli Sara, Zuffante Michele, Cavedon CarloFrontiers in Oncology6.244
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials With Novel Hormonal Therapies for Non-Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: An Update From Mature Overall Survival DataMaggi Martina, Salciccia Stefano, Del Giudice Francesco, Busetto Gian Maria, Falagario Ugo G, Carrieri Giuseppe, Ferro Matteo, PORRECA ANGELO, Di Pierro Giovanni Battista, Fasulo Vittorio, Frantellizzi Viviana, De Vincentis Giuseppe, De Berardinis Ettore, Sciarra AlessandroFrontiers in Oncology6.244
Exploratory Analysis of 18 F-3′-deoxy-3′-fluorothymidine ( 18 F-FLT) PET/CT-Based Radiomics for the Early Evaluation of Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients With Locally Advanced Breast CancerFantini Lorenzo, Belli Maria Luisa, Azzali Irene, Loi Emiliano, Bettinelli Andrea, Feliciani Giacomo, Mezzenga Emilio, Fedeli Anna, Asioli Silvia, Paganelli Giovanni, Sarnelli Anna, Matteucci FedericaFrontiers in Oncology6.244

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