Prof. PierFranco Conte


The main objective in the drafting of the Oncology Network’s PDTA (DGR 2067/2013) is to ensure promptness, adequate levels and continuity of care throughout the care pathway: from the moment the patient enters the pathway, to the multidisciplinary evaluation of his or her tumor, until complete remission or end of life.
The preservation of a respectable quality of life, from the early stages onward, the provision of adequate support for the patient and his or her family, and the protection of the dignity and autonomy of cancer patients are an integral part of the PDTA.


The IOV is the hub of the hospital and territorial oncology network of the Veneto Region (ROV). It coordinates regional oncology care in close harmony with all hospital companies of the Veneto region. PDTA for various types of cancers have been defined and shared among the hospitals.
In the context of demand management, an organizational model that puts the cancer patient at the center and is able to respond to ethical and social needs is necessary to reduce drop-out from the defined care pathways.


Monitoring of the PDTA through specific performance indicators makes it possible to analyze cancer care across the network. It becomes, therefore, of strategic importance to identify indicators of performance within the Institute that can also be expanded to the regional level. This will make it possible to have quantitative evidence for business and healthcare planning of the Institute in order to verify the appropriateness, continuity and uniformity of care, and the quality of the services offered.
Analysis of performance indicators will allow on-site verification of improvements introduced by the PDTAs and will help guide decisions. Indicators are today identified with information obtained from the current information flows (specialist care, hospitalization, pharmaceutical, home care, regional mortality register), appropriately integrated with record linkage techniques.

Global goals

The overall goal of this research line is to evaluate the compliance to ROV PDTA indicators in patients treated at the Veneto Institute of Oncology in the various care pathways. In particular:

  1. monitoring of adherence to performance indicators;
  2. implementation of internal audits;
  3. analysis of any corrective systems.

Expected results

  • The development of an application that will provide direct access to structure and process indicator data that can be extracted from regional information flows to verify the true state of cancer patient care as defined by the various PDTAs of the Veneto Oncology Network.
  • Measurable activities used as indicators to verify results:
    • number of admissions for surgery;
    • waiting times to begin chemotherapy / post-intervention radiotherapy;
    • chemotherapy in the last 30 days of life;
    • inappropriate diagnostic tests (TAC, Magnetic Resonance, PET, etc);
    • number of audits developed.
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