Core values

Equal rights

Patients have the right to receive medical assistance and the most appropriate treatment, regardless of age, sex, race, nationality, language, religion, political opinion or social status.


The behavior of the personnel towards the patients must be based on criteria of objectivity, justice and impartiality.

Continuity of Care

The lnstitute guarantees the continuity of care to all patients. To this purpose, the lnstitute, through agreements with the regional Local Health Units, promotes the definition of shared pathways, even in the advanced and terminal stages of the disease.

Equal access of citizens to the services provided by the IOV

Where permitted by the regulations in force, the user has the right to choose the subject or health facility that he / she considers best able to meet his / her needs.


The patient is involved in service delivery through the provision of clear and complete information, and participation in the evaluation of services. The patient is encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions, and make complaints about the quality of services received. The patient is also involved through the collaboration with volunteer associations and those for the protection of patients’ rights.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

IOV personnel works towards the primary objective to promote health, so as to produce, with the most up-to-date scientific and technical knowledge, a general well-being among the population. This requires the involvement and professional growth of all personnel, as well as the activation of pathways and procedures to ensure the optimal use of human and financial resources.

Scientific research

Research is conducted according to criteria of efficiency and transparency in the use of resources destined for scientific activity. All clinical trials, whether promoted by the pharmaceutical industry or by non-profit organizations, are conducted according to strict ethical, regulatory and quality standards in accordance with the legislation on clinical trials, with the dictates of good clinical practice (GCP) and with the ethical principles indicated in the Declaration of Helsinki (1964), as well as with the provisions of the Oviedo Convention (1997) for the protection of human rights and dignity in relation to the applications of biology and medicine.

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