Voluntary work placements and traineeships

The Veneto Institute of Oncology IOV – IRCCS welcomes volunteer interns and trainees at its facilities, according to the terms and conditions set out in the applicable company regulations.


Voluntary work placements consist of training and refresher courses aimed at acquiring, deepening or perfecting knowledge relating to activities carried out within the institute and is based on the exclusive observation of activities carried out in the relevant company structures.

At the time of submitting the application for admission, the candidate must meet the following requirements: legal age, possession of an academic qualification and professional qualification, where applicable, consistent with one of the professional profiles indicated in the national collective labour agreements in force.

The application for admission to a voluntary work placement, completed by filling out the attached form, may be sent by certified e-mail (PEC) to [email protected] or hand-delivered to the Registry Office.

Interns must personally take out a suitable accident insurance policy — except in cases where the competent Area Manager deems it in the interests of the institute to provide insurance cover directly — with a maximum cover of at least EUR 150,000.00, including cases of death and permanent disability, with a duration of at least the period of the work placement. A copy of the policy certificate must be attached to the application.



The following types of traineeships can be carried out at the Veneto Institute of Oncology IOV – IRCCS:

  • curricular traineeships: traineeships instrumental to the attainment of a formally recognised qualification, granted by universities or by university education providers authorised to issue academic qualifications, by educational institutions issuing qualifications with legal value, by accredited vocational training organisations, for their students within the period of attendance of an academic or training course, in order to complete alternate periods of learning/working as part of formal education;
  • traineeships for access to the profession: period of professional practice required by professional bodies and governed by specific regulations, the completion of which is a mandatory requirement for access to a given profession;
  • traineeships related to the training of nurses and midwives, technicians, and rehabilitation and prevention personnel;
  • traineeships related to the training of social and health workers;
  • traineeships required by health specialisation schools;
  • P.C.T.O.: traineeships carried out by students at state and private/government-approved equivalent to state secondary schools as part of the courses on transferable skills and orientation (formerly Alternanza Scuola Lavoro).

The performance of traineeships at the institute is regulated by the Traineeship Regulations, approved by General Manager’s Decree No 16 of 18 January 2024, and by special agreements stipulated between the promoting entities and the Veneto Institute of Oncology IOV – IRCCS.

Promoting entities interested in collaborating with the Institute may apply by PEC ([email protected]), sending a proposal for an agreement. For traineeships outside of the training network for doctors undergoing specialised training, the promoting entity must send a request for each trainee, as described above, enclosing a draft of the nominative agreement.

Aspiring trainees belonging to organisations already affiliated with the Institute may submit their application for admission to the traineeship (according to the facsimile attached) preferably by PEC ([email protected]) or, alternatively, by sending an email to [email protected]. The traineeship is authorised by the UOSD General and Legal Affairs, subject to the favourable opinion of the relevant Area Managment and receipt of the following documents:

  • a copy of a valid ID document;
  • if the applicant is a non-EU citizen, a copy of their residence permit pursuant to Article 27(f) of Legislative Decree of 25 July 1998, ‘Testo Unico sull’Immigrazione’ (Consolidated Law on Immigration), which must be valide for the entire period of the traineeship;
  • a copy of the individual training project (drawn up according to the format provided by the promoting entity), duly completed and signed by the trainee, the tutor of the promoting entity and the tutor of the institute;
  • the privacy statement, duly completed and signed;
  • declaration of absence of conflict of interest (this declaration is already contained in the application form);
  • certificates relating to occupational safety courses pursuant to Law 81/2008 that the trainee may have already taken.


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