Voluntary attendance and training and orientation internship

In compliance with the provisions of the internal regulation of this Institute, defined by the Regulation on attendance and traineeships approved with DDG n. 646 of 16 December 2015, there are two ways of accessing the IOV to carry out what is here summarily defined as training activity:

  • voluntary attendance;
  • training and orientation internship.

The essential features as well as the request and approval process of these two cases are illustrated below.


Voluntary attendance is not connected to a course of study that you may be attending and, in fact, it is an observational experience that does not presuppose an upstream agreement with the institution to which you belong, let alone the identification of a tutor, precisely by virtue of independence from any course of study in which one is inserted.

The requirements set out in accordance with article 2 of the Regulation are: majority age, possession of a study title and professional qualification, where applicable, consistent with one of the professional profiles indicated in the national collective labor agreements in force, subject to prior opinion by the Director/Head of the Unit, endorsed by the Clinical Director, the Administrative Director or the Scientific Director, according to their respective competence.

These requisites are subject to assessment when the relevant request is presented, which is submitted by certified email at protocollo.iov@pecveneto.it or by hand delivery to the Protocol Office by filling in the appropriate forms available at the bottom of the page:

  • Attendance request;
  • Annex 2, relating to the information on the processing of the personal data by the IOV;
  • Annex 3, relating to the user’s authorization to process personal data of third parties;
  • Annex 4 which concerns the operating instructions on how to process third party data.


Curricular training and orientation internships, including internships aimed at writing the degree thesis, are linked to the study path and presuppose an upstream agreement between the IOV, in its capacity as host institution, and the institution to which the trainee belongs, which instead covers the role of promoter body. Extra-curricular internships are not admitted to the IOV. 

The internship agreement, together with the Regulation on attendance and internships, governs all the aspects that pertain to the training activity itself, specifically regulating the matters relating to insurance coverage for accidents and civil liability towards third parties, the obligations pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008, to the processing of personal data, to the competent judicial authority in the event of a dispute and to the duration of the agreement itself.

If an internship agreement is already active between the IOV and the institution to which the aspiring trainee belongs, it is sufficient for the latter to request by e-mail to the General Affairs Office, at affari.generali@iov.veneto.it, the possibility of carrying out the internship. In the event that the opinion – requested by the General Affairs – of the reference Area Manager of the destination Unit is favourable, the internship can start, after sending to the General Affairs, again via e-mail, the copy of the individual training project (drawn up according to the format prepared by the promoter) duly completed and signed and the privacy forms, duly completed and signed, available at the bottom of the page:

  • Annex 2, relating to the information on the processing by the IOV of the trainee’s personal data;
  • Annex 3, relating to the trainee’s authorization to process personal data of third parties.

If, on the other hand, there is no agreement between the IOV and the promoting body, the latter can submit a formal request for an agreement by certified email at protocollo.iov@pecveneto.it, attaching a draft agreement which, provided that the opinion of the IOV Management is favourable, will be the subject of any modification proposals to be discussed with the General Affairs Office in order to arrive at a text that is completely shared between the parties, which will be approved with a resolution by the General manager.

The individual training project, as far as the IOV is concerned, must be completed, signed by the internal tutor as well as by the company tutor and by the trainee himself and delivered to the General Affairs Office which acquires it in the records together with the other forms relating to privacy.

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