Cytological specimens, biological fluids, tissue fragments or entire organs taken from patients during outpatient or inpatient medical-surgical activities are examined by the operative unit. The product of these analyses is a histologic-pathological diagnostic and/or molecular report that, integrated with the patient’s clinical-instrumental data, contributes to the diagnostic, prognostic and predictive definition of response to the therapeutic treatment of the specific disease state of the patient.

The Anatomy and Pathological Histology Unit in Castelfranco Veneto mainly develops its cancer diagnostic activity using histological, immunohistochemical and molecular biology methods. In particular, the Unit deals with tissue samples taken during diagnostic procedures or major surgery in patients with peritoneal carcinosis, cancers of the gastrointestinal, biliopancreatic and male urogenital tracts, thoraco-pulmonary cancer, gynecological and breast cancers, cancers of the endocrine system and of the hemo-lymphopoietic system.

The biological material received, once processed and analyzed, is permanently stored and remains available to the patient upon request.

The quality assurance of the diagnostic process is pursued through the application of diagnostic procedures that follow recognized national and international operating standards and the adherence to various programs of national and international external quality control of immunohistochemical activity (including NordiQC, Copenhagen, Denmark) and molecular biology (including NEQAS, London, Great Britain). Internal quality control systems are also in place. The maintenance and the continuous improvement of quality are pursued through training and educational activities, and the continuous collaboration with management and colleagues of the other IOV units involved in the drafting of diagnostic therapeutic assistance pathways.

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