The Breast Radiology Unit is organized to respond to all issues related to diseases of the breast. This is achieved through personalized pathways supervised by the radiologist. The Breast Radiology Unit is equipped with up to date equipment, and it is the diagnostic and interventional imaging reference for the IOV Breast Unit.
The diagnostic objective is first achieved with a clinical-instrumental approach, and subsequently with interventional or magnetic resonance procedures, following a methodology of integration of the various techniques, according to the most updated guidelines and PDTAs. The doctor provides the patient with all the necessary information, with particular attention to a humanistic approach that permeates the entire activity of the Breast Radiology Unit.

These services are provided:

  • breast examination (clinical and anamnestic evaluation);
  • mammography;
  • ultrasound;
  • fine needle aspiration (cytology with pathologist assistance) with ultrasound and / or stereotactic guidance;
  • needle biopsy with ultrasound and / or radio-stereotactic guidance;
  • pre-operative localizations or in the course of other metallic wire therapies, with ultrasound and / or radio-stereotactic guidance;
  • magnetic resonance imaging of the breasts with and without contrast;
  • consults.

For routine investigations (mammography, ultrasound), reports are delivered in real time, during an interview with the radiologist. With the consent of the interested parties, cases requiring further assistance are referred to the other IOV specialists.

The mission of the Breast Radiology Unit comprises all the institutional needs of the IOV:

  • surveillance of women with a hereditary risk;
  • follow-up of women with breast cancer;
  • pre-operative staging of breast cancer;
  • pre-operative localization of subclinical breast lesions;
  • localization of lesions after neo-adjuvant therapy;
  • counseling for patients from other locations or from other facilities;
  • collegiate analysis of complex cases.


As an integral part of the IOV Breast Unit, the Breast Radiology Unit is a qualified regional reference center for all diagnostic aspects of breast disease for the entire Veneto region.
With this in mind, the Unit also plays a supportive role in the direct reading of screening mammograms from other healthcare companies, through a telematic system, the first in Italy, developed by the Information Services of the Veneto Region.
Moreover, since 2007, the Breast Radiology Unit is part of a multicentric national study, promoted by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, for the surveillance of women with a high genetic risk of developing breast cancer.

Teaching activity

The Breast Radiology Unit participates in the theoretical and practical resident training of the Radio-diagnostics and Radiotherapy medical specialist schools of the University of Padua, as well as students from the degree program in medical radiology.

Medical and technical internships are offered to candidates from other locations, with particular regard to those attending the Italian School of Senology.

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