UOC Breast Surgery 1

UOC Breast Surgery 1
The mammologist team, performing thousands of surgical interventions, will help you be examined for benign and malignant diseases in time. Nursing staff is designed to introduce women with breast tumors to help women in self-control and rehabilitation after discharge.


Every year, the Breast Surgery team performs over one thousand surgical procedures for benign and malignant diseases. The Breast Surgery Unit is located on the third floor of the Busonera hospital and is equipped with modern operating and hospital rooms. The nursing staff is dedicated exclusively to women with breast tumors. They are well aware of the postoperative problems that these women face and they are able to provide specific information on the management of the immediate post-surgery period (pain treatment, draining and dressing) as well as appropriate self-management and rehabilitation exercises to do after discharge.

The team performs conservative procedures, from wide excision of the lesion to quadrantectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy, and demolition procedures such as enlarged mastectomy and axillary emptying.

Although the first objective in surgical treatment is to appropriately remove the disease, the Breast Surgery team must also take aesthetics into account, as indicated in the most widespread guidelines. The team performs breast remodeling following the concepts of modern oncoplasty, which aims to achieve the best aesthetic result without compromising an oncologically correct breast resection. If complete removal of the breast is warranted and if there are no contraindications, the tendency is to preserve the nipple-areola complex and proceed with an immediate reconstruction of the breast with an expander or with prostheses. Moreover, if necessary, a simultaneous contralateral breast reduction (mastopexy) is performed. These procedures are carried out directly in the operating room, with the possible collaboration of a plastic surgeon.

The length of stay varies depending on the type of operation: biopsies or quadrantectomies with sentinel lymph node biopsy are performed under local anesthesia with addition of sedation and require a one day hospital stay; patients undergo procedures in the morning and are discharged in the afternoon. The most complex procedures, such as mastectomy with axillary emptying and reconstruction, are performed under general anesthesia and patients are discharged after three or four days. Once discharged, the patient is provided with a telephone number to contact the doctors of the department in case of need.

The Breast Surgery 1 Unit includes the Plastic Surgery Simple Unit.

The conditions treated in this unit include: breast cancer and hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

Direttore dell'Unità operativa, Dirigente medico
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