UOS Cardiology

UOS Cardiology


The IOV Cardiology Unit performs a clinical and instrumental cardiac evaluation of all patients who are candidates for cancer treatment in order to define their individual cardiovascular risk. In fact, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and major surgery are potentially stressful events for the cardiovascular system.

The Unit also carefully monitors patients undergoing therapy with traditional chemotherapeutics or the most recent biological drugs who are at potential risk of cardiotoxicity. The early detection of cardiovascular damage allows timely institution of therapy to make these effects reversible.

In addition to cardiology visits and electrocardiograms, the following services are performed:

  • cardiac ultrasound
  • exercise test with cycle ergometer
  • transesophageal echocardiography with and without pharmacological stress
  • 24 h Holter ECG
  • color Doppler ultrasound of supra-aortic trunk.

The cardiac clinical-instrumental examination usually takes place in a single day to quickly define the cardiovascular situation and prevent patients from having to return. Furthermore, in order to reduce the time between cancer diagnosis and treatment, access to cardiology assessment is based on different levels of priorities: no waiting for urgent situations and separate lists for less urgent patients and follow-up.

The clinical reporting is managed through a computer network in order to guarantee consultation of the services in real time.
The nursing staff possess, by nature and specific training, particular human and relational skills, appropriate for the care of cancer patients.

Responsabile dell'unità operativa
Sono medico e cardiologo presso l’Istituto Oncologico Veneto dal 2007 e ricopro l’incarico di responsabile della Cardiologia dal 2010. Prima di questa esperienza mi sono occupato per più di un decennio di terapia intensiva cardiologica...
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