UOC Endocrine Surgery

UOC Endocrine Surgery


The Endocrine Surgery Unit surgically treats the main cancers affecting the following endocrine glands: thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and endocrine pancreas. The Unit also treats pluriendocrine syndromes, such as MEN and VHL.

The outpatient activity is organized in such a way as to offer a 360° path from the diagnosis phase (thanks to the ultrasound and thyroid needle aspiration service) up to the treatment phase.

Particularly problematic cases are dealt with in a multidisciplinary framework (oncologists, radiotherapists, radiologists, nuclear doctors, pathologists) following personalized diagnostic and therapeutic pathways.

The conditions treated in this unit include: endocrine/neuroendocrine hereditary cancers, neuroendocrine tumors and thyroid cancer.

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