UOS Nuclear Medicine

UOS Nuclear Medicine

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Ospedale Busonera, via Gattamelata, 64 - 35128 Padova


    049 8211729


The Nuclear medicine service in Padua deals with diagnostic imaging. It is equipped with a hybrid camera (or SPECT / CT) and two positron emission tomographs (PET / CT), which record the radioactivity induced by radiopharmaceuticals administered to patients for the study of single organs or of the whole body. These methodologies make it possible to determine the stage of neoplastic disease, to check the efficacy of cancer therapies and to look for early relapse of disease.

Furthermore, the unit of Nuclear medicine participates, with other specialists, in the detection of sentinel lymph node in breast cancer and cutaneous melanoma and in the treatment of other oncological diseases, in particular metastatic prostate cancer, through the use of Radium 223.

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