The Nuclear medicine service in Padua deals with diagnostic imaging, therapeutic and research activities also in a multidisciplinary context aimed at optimizing and improving the diagnostic-care pathway of cancer patients. It is equipped with two positron emission tomographs (PET / CT) and one photon emission tomography (SPECT / CT).

The unit provides traditional nuclear medicine diagnostic and outpatient services (bone scan, sentinel lymph node scan, 131I post-treatment scan, ventilo-perfusion lung scintigraphy, etc.) and PET / CT with fluorinated metabolic tracers (F18), such as: deoxyglucose (FDG), choline, ethyltyrosine (FET) and DOPA.

Multidisciplinarity is essential  also for radiometabolic treatments carried out at our Institute to ensure the effectiveness and personalization of radiometabolic therapies. Nuclear doctors, with the indispensable support of the specialists involved in the diagnostic-care pathway of prostate, neuroendocrine and liver cancer, carry out the following treatments:

  • Radio223-dichloride in the treatment of pain from bone metastasis in the patient with pharmacological castration-refractory adenocarcinoma of the prostate without known visceral metastases;
  • Yttrium90-glass microspheres for the treatment of hepatic neoplastic lesions (hepatocarcinoma and single liver metastases);
  • 177Lu-analogues of somatostatin in the therapy of well-differentiating gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, already treated, and in progression during therapy with cold analogue of somatostatin.

Nuclear medical specialists also perform outpatient therapy with 131Iodium for the treatment of hyperthyroidism.

Responsabile della struttura F.F.

Dott.ssa Anna Rita Cervino

Sono la Dott.ssa Anna Rita Cervino, specialista in Medicina Nucleare, e lavoro nell’omonimo servizio dello IOV fin dalla sua istituzione nel 2006. Come specialista in Medicina Nucleare, ottenni il mio primo contratto di lavoro nel maggio del 2000, presso l'Ospedale Ca' Foncello di Treviso occupandomi di medicina nucleare tradizionale ed in particolare di cardiologia nucleare[.....] Leggi tutto

Scientific Activity

The Nuclear medicine specialists of Padua are principal investigators of research protocols aimed at the validation for diagnostic purposes of new tracers in the study of prostate cancer (Rame64) and of diagnostic procedures in the initial staging process of intermediate-risk prostate cancer (18F-choline PET / CT).

The unit is actively involved in numerous research protocols involving investigations of traditional nuclear medicine and PET / CT.