UOSD Oncology of Melanoma

UOSD Oncology of Melanoma

Where we are

Ospedale Busonera, via Gattamelata, 64 - 35128 Padova


    049 8215931


The Oncology of Melanoma Unit provides evaluation, consultation, assistance, follow-up and treatment (adjuvant and therapeutic) for patients affected by melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma, metastatic ocular melanoma and all other skin cancers. A multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment is in place for all patients needing it; this facility is available also for patients followed in other centers.

The Unit provides access to many national and international study protocols, it helps patents to access to studies not available in the Veneto Region and it promotes academic researches with the mission of improving the safety and the efficacy of all available treatments.

The Unit cares and facilitates the compliance to the treatents, the medical education of patients and families and specific psycology needs, and it collaborates with AI.Ma.Me. (Italian Association of Melanoma Sufferers) to this perspective.

The Oncology of Melanoma Unit is part of the Italian Melanoma Intergroup – IMI and of the EORTC Melanoma Group and collaborates with the best World Research Centers for melanoma, Merkel carcinoma and skin cancer.

The conditions treated in this unit include: melanoma, familial melanoma, and merkel-cell carcinoma.

Responsabile dell'unità operativa
Medico chirurgo specialista in oncologia, ematologia e medicina di laboratorio.
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