The activity of the Pain Therapy and Palliative Care Unit is aimed at meeting the clinical pain and palliative needs of patients throughout their cancer care, as well as ensuring continuity of care between the hospital and territory.

The Pain Therapy and Palliative Care unit offers the following services:

  • medical examination aimed at understanding the mechanisms that are causing pain, through the patient’s description of his or her own disorders, physical examination and review of tests already performed;
  • medical examinations in multidisciplinary osteo-oncology clinic;
  • multidisciplinary medical examinations for simultaneous care;
  • indications for the most appropriate investigations and therapies (pharmacological, physical, infiltrative, surgical, etc.);
  • prescription of analgesic drugs and other specialist therapies;
  • when appropriate, activation of territorial protocols of protected discharge, by contacting the district of residence and the family doctor of the patient admitted to the IOV in order guarantee suitable home care services.