UOSD Hospital psychology

UOSD Hospital psychology


The Hospital Psychology Unit offers patients and families a receiving atmosphere and willingness to listen within the context of care. The main commitment is to support the psychological needs of patients and their family members in all phases of the disease, for both hospitalized (ordinary and day hospital) and outpatients. Services are provided from first access until the end of the follow-up to IOV patients and their families, as well as to patients being cared for in other hospitals.


The Psycho-oncology unit performs the following services, marked by an ever-increasing humanization of care, in collaboration with the other professional figures of the Institute:

  • reception interview;
  • support interviews;
  • psychoeducational interventions;
  • individual and group psychotherapy;
  • stress reduction programs based on mindfulness;
  • complementary interventions.

Together with the volunteer association AVO in Padua, the Psycho-oncology Unit coordinates the project “Don’t stop loving yourself”, which offers women undergoing chemotherapy the opportunity to borrow wigs and to take advantage of a free make-up service.
The Unit also collaborates with the Run for IOV initiative, promoted by the Veneto Institute of Oncology and the non-profit association RYLA ONLUS. The signature initiative trained and sponsored 12 patients and 4 doctors from the Institute to run marathons, including the New York Marathon in 2016.

Responsabile dell'unità operativa
Da circa 25 anni lavoro come psicologa e psicoterapeuta in ambito medico, per la forte convinzione che i fattori psicosociali sono determinanti nell’esperienza di malattia e nei processi di cura.L’attitudine ai temi del fine vita...
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