Network Clinical Research Group

Network Clinical Research Group

The main focus of the research activity of the Network Clinical Research Group of the Istituto Oncologico Veneto (Oncology 2 Unit) is the implementation of real-world studies in oncology collecting data from routine clinical practice, either prospectively or retrospectively, thus representing a crucial tool in the monitoring of diagnostic-molecular pathway and the prescription of new anticancer drugs.

The final aim of the research is to test which molecular tests and medications are most appropriate for certain patients, leading to individualized care and improved outcomes.

An innovative strategy for clinical studies design developed by this research group is the integration of data from clinical practice with those from health administrative datasets and randomized clinical trials and/or expanded access programs in order to provide useful information for different stakeholders (patients; clinicians; regional and national health system).

Several research programs are currently under development, particularly in metastatic breast cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors, PARP-inhibitors and CDK-inhibitors, and lung cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors and EGFR/ALK/ROS1-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitors.


  • Evaluation of the impact of the diagnostic-therapeutic pathways in oncology (PDTA) in the clinical practice and development of specific indicators for quality of care and treatment appropriateness evaluation.
  • Regional and National collection of real world data on activity, efficacy, safety and budget impact of innovative anticancer drugs (particularly for, but not limited to breast, lung and gynaecological cancers).
  • Regional and National prospective clinical studies investigating feasibility of anticancer treatments for advanced breast and lung cancer within expanded access programs.
  • Administrative health data extraction on diagnosis and treatment of breast and lung cancer and platform development for HTA studies.

Team members

Clinical Researchers

Fellows – Residents in Oncology at Padua University

  • Dr Federica Miglietta
  • Dr Martina Lorenzi


Internal Collaborations at IOV-IRCCS

  • Veneto Oncology Network:
    Dr. Alberto Bortolami (scientific contact person)
    Dr.ssa Giovanna Crivellaro (clinical study data manager)

External Collaborations

  • Medical Oncology Units of the Veneto region, under the coordination of the Veneto Oncology Network (ROV)
  • Regional Cancer Register
  • Regional Epidemiological System
  • Regional Pharmaceutical Section
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Fondazione Periplo Onlus

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