Certified e-mail

Certified e-mail

Certified e-mail (PEC) is an e-mail system in which the electronic documentation is provided to the sender, with legal validity, certifying the sending and delivery of IT documents.

“Certify” the sending and receiving – the two key moments in the transmission of IT documents – means, for the sender, to receive from the PEC service manager a receipt that constitutes legal proof of the shipment of the message and any attached documentation . In the same way, when the message reaches the addressee, the manager sends to the sender the receipt of (or failed) delivery, with precise time indication.

In the event that the sender loses the receipts, the computerized trace of the operations carried out, held by law for a period of 30 months, allows the reproduction of the receipts themselves, with the same legal value.

Communications to the IOV can be done through the use of certified e-mail (PEC) using the following address:

[email protected]

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