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Scientific Directorate and Research Services

Where we are

Piazza Gaetano Salvemini, 13 - 35131 Padova


Secretaryship  049 821 5644

Duties of the Scientific Directorate

  • Integration and management of regional, national and international research networks and relationships with public and private bodies, including commercial bodies, for commissioned research and development of patents.
  • Definition of the three-year Current Research lines.
  • Data collection on scientific production, as a result of the research carried out by the Institute.
  • Management of scientific documentation, including scientific libraries, access to databases and promotion of publications in specialized journals.
  • Promotion of clinical and experimental studies.
  • Support to the Health Directorate in the development of diagnostic therapeutic assistance pathways for specific diseases whose management involves the application of research processes.
  • Promotion of relationships with partners interested in funding applied clinical research projects.
  • Procurement of research grants from public or private third parties, e.g. capital grants, including donations or similar.

Activities of the Scientific Directorate

  • Leadership and monitoring of the research activity, in close collaboration with the Administrative Directorate and in association with the Ministries, the Veneto Region, Alliance Against Cancer, other IRCCS and highly specialized Hospitals, as well as with Universities (in particular the University of Padua) and other research institutions.
  • Secretariat of the CTS (Technical Scientific Committee).
  • Grant and technology transfer: management of calls for proposals for research projects at the European and international level, as well as calls for proposals for other initiatives; support for scientific lobbying in the drafting of projects; fundraising of potential donors; technology transfer for the aspects of competence.
  • Activities for the editorial quality of research: revision of the editorial and linguistic aspects related to the Institute’s scientific production, including scientific editing for publications in international journals.
  • International relations: Management and promotion of relationships with cancer research institutes or international organizations (OECI, UICC, WHO, etc.).
  • Monitoring of activities in the research laboratories.

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