The IOV considers training not only a process of acquiring and developing personal and professional skills but also as the transmission of reference values and behavioral norms. It is therefore closely linked to internal global business strategies and other human resource management policies.

The training of personnel, in particular, is valorized and coordinated in order to constitute a real system of continuous professional development, which is the cornerstone of the ECM (Continuous Medical Education) Veneto accreditation system; in this system, the Institute has obtained the status of CME Provider with standard accreditation (Decree n. 21 of 7 May 2015). This recognition allows the IOV to independently accredit CME training in line with the Regional Social and Health Plan, with the priority objectives defined in the Plan for Regional Training and with the training needs expressed by the professionals of the Institute.

Institutional courses and conferences


Dr. Stefania Facchin – Manager
Tel. 049 821 5560, e-mail:

Dr. Francesca Buccheri – CME Referent
Tel. 049 821 5889, e-mail:

Dr. Melissa De Giorgi – CME Referent
Tel. 049 821 5987, e-mail:

Dr. Diletta Zonzin – CME Referent
Tel. 049 821 5298, e-mail: