PDTA and guidelines

PDTA and guidelines

The diagnostic and therapeutic care pathways (PDTA) are tools of clinical governance that allow the definition, according to tumor type or clinical problem, of the best practicable pathway within the health organization and the network in which it is inserted – in the case of IOV, the Veneto Oncology Network (ROV) and the Veneto Hematological Network (REV).

The aim of PDTAs is to guarantee:

  • reproducibility of actions;
  • uniformity of services provided;
  • reduction of uncommon events;
  • information exchange;
  • definition of roles.

All this is achieved through constant verification of updates and improvements, thanks to indicators with a high information content that allow a concise evaluation of complex phenomena and help guide decisions.

Each PDTA is constructed through maps that define the patient’s clinical course, starting from assessment and staging, up to the aspects of treatment, stabilization, and follow-up. In the regional PDTA, in particular, the sequence of activities to respond to a patient’s health needs, from the onset of the disease to the end of the follow-up or end of life, is described. For each condition, a specific work group was set up and consisted of professionals with the best and most heterogeneous expertise from all over the region.

The drafting of the PDTAs used the most recent evidence from the scientific literature, substantially summarized in the main international and national guidelines / recommendations; among these, those that best met high quality and topical criteria were chosen. Furthermore, reference is made to national and regional legislative provisions and to what already exists in the literature regarding network organization models of oncology services.

Coordinated by the Veneto Institute of Oncology and approved with a regional resolution, the PDTAs produced by the ROV rationalize resources, not so much in terms of financial constraints but rather of the most up-to-date research and technical knowledge.



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