Scientific report

Scientific report

Milestones of IOV research are experimental oncology, cancer genomics, cancer immunology, innovative radiomic therapies and forms of organization. They were achieved using fully the Current Research funds from the Ministry of Health and funds from the “5 per 1000” fund-raising campaign, which currently exceeds 5 million euros, in addition to all other funding, including competitive, ministerial, regional, European, and AIRC projects.

In recent years, the Institute has performed well in terms of research products, with the number of publications constantly growing, and has achieved excellent visibility in terms of citations and citations weighted by topic. This was made possible by the quality of our researchers, by the efforts of the Scientific Directorate to standardize the collaboration between preclinical and clinical researchers, and to establish a close working relationship with Alleanza Contro il Cancro (ACC), which has allowed us to better develop interests, knowledge and technologies in the field of cancer genomics.

Last but not least, we have invested in strengthening the Scientific Directorate as a research support structure, with a wider and more stable configuration of library services, the grant office, the patent and technology transfer office, and the research administration office, the latter having both reporting and purchasing tasks.


The best publications of the last 3 years


From molecular oncology to clinical oncology: the most significative studies


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