The organizational model of the IOV is, in principle, typical of the local health companies (Legislative Decree 502/1992 and subsequent amendments), although with specificities due to its status as a Research Hospital (IRCCS D.Lgs. 288/2003 and subsequent amendments).
The pyramidal organizational chart sees the General Manager and the Scientific Director at the top; The Company Management team also includes the Clinical Director and the Administrative Director, who are appointed by the General Manager and are his closest collaborators. Each management sector has its own staff.

The base of the pyramid is made up of four functional departments which are composed of complex, simple and simple departmental operating units that provide diagnosis and treatment services.

Representatives of the Institute are the General Manager, the Scientific Director, the Steering and Verification Board, the Board of Statutory Auditors and the Board of Directors.
The following collective bodies are also present: the Ethics Committee, the Scientific Technical Committee, the Independent Assessment Body, the Health Council and the Unified Guarantee Committee.

Dott. Giorgio Roberti

DR. GIORGIO ROBERTI – General Manager


PROF. GIUSEPPE OPOCHER – Scientific Director



Dott. Francesco Favretti

DR. FRANCESCO FAVRETTI – Administrative Director