Project manager
Prof. Giuseppe Opocher
Scientific Director IOV
tel. 049 821 5644 I 7418


INTENT – Using guidelines and benchmarking to trigger social entrepreneurship solutions toward better patient-centered cancer care in Central Europe aims to develop innovative models of patient-centered cancer care in Central Europe. Moreover, it will produce new tools and methods to support the implementation and the evaluation of a patient-centered approach. The project involves managers, cancer care providers, patients, caregivers, and policy makers.

Global goals

  • To implement the concept of patient- centeredness in cancer care pathways;
  • to make available new tools and methods to support the implementation and the evaluation of a patient-centered approach;
  • to draft relevant recommendations for policy makers;
  • to activate a network of local stakeholders who will work together to identify areas for improvement and to generate innovative solutions.


Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in EU. However, how we experience cancer is changing thanks to improving survival rates. This is a consequence of scientific research and clinical practice.
Our notion of “what cancer is” is shifting to reflect the need for a more patient- centered approach of care. The chronic nature of cancer now requires that more attention be paid to the quality of life of patients and to a patient-centered model of care. INTENT aims to make available know-how and competencies to capitalise on benchmarking and social entrepreneurship in improving patient-centered cancer care in Central Europe.

Expected results

The results of the INTENT project that will benefit managers, health workers, policy makers, patients and their caregivers, are the following:

Our Partners

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Associated Partners

  • ANGOLO National Association of Healed or Long-living Oncologic Patients – Onlus
  • Hungarian League Against Cancer
  • Cancer Patients’ Association of Slovenia
  • European Cancer Patient Coalition
  • Diagnosis of Leukaemia
  • Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
  • Organization of European Cancer Institutes – OECI-EEIG
  • The South Moravian Region