The Breast surgery 2 Unit is a cross-sectional healthcare structure consisting of a multidisciplinary group of professionals from different hospital units: radiologist, surgeon, nurse case manager, pathologist, plastic surgeon, oncologist, radiotherapist, nuclear physician, physiatrist, physiotherapists, specialist in pain therapy, specialist in palliative care, psychologist, onco-geneticist, general practitioner, and hospitalization coordinator.

The Breast Surgery 2 Unit offers the most technologically advanced surgical techniques, such as: radio-guided surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy, oncoplastic surgery and breast reconstruction techniques.

Breast surgeons work in close collaboration with radiologists (for centering of non-palpable lesions), nuclear physicians (for the search for sentinel lymph node), pathologists (for intraoperative extemporaneous histological examinations), radiotherapists (in weekly consultation) and plastic surgeons (for breast reconstruction).
Annually, the Breast Surgery 2 Unit performs over 350 operations, of which over 200 are for breast cancer.

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