The IOV Digestive Endoscopy Unit is a regional reference center for the early diagnosis, staging and endoscopic treatment of tumors of the digestive system, in particular the esophagus and stomach, and for some precancerous lesions such as Barrett’s esophagus and atrophic gastritis.

It boasts one of the most avant-garde structures in Italy: fully computerized, controlled by automation technology and equipped with the most modern instruments available today, some even unique, such as the autofluorescence endoscope or some types of endoscopic probes.

In line with the mission of the Institute, the Digestive Endoscopy Unit conducts several research projects aimed not only at improving diagnosis and treatment of tumors of the digestive system but also at identifying the most effective strategies for their prevention.

Multidisciplinary activity

The Digestive Endoscopy Unit heads the multidisciplinary group for pre-cancerous conditions of the digestive tract (Barrett’;s esophagus, atrophic gastritis).

Health professionals of the unit participate in the following multidisciplinary groups:

  • multidisciplinary group for esophageal tumors
  • multi-specialist group for Von Hippel Lindau syndrome (VHL)

Responsabile della struttura

Dott. Stefano Realdon

Sono dirigente medico presso l'Endoscopia digestiva dal 2010. Dal 2015 sono responsabile f.f. della stessa unità. Sono responsabile del progetto prevenzione primaria OECI dello IOV e responsabile del progetto prevenzione e diagnosi precoce dell’esofago presso l’Istituto veneto di medicina molecolare (VIMM). Nel 2006 ho conseguito il diploma di specializzazione in gastroenterologia ed endoscopia digestiva e[.....] Leggi tutto