From knowledge to health

The word “cancer” is still very scary. However, the conception that most of society has of the disease often corresponds to information that is outdated and does not reflect reality. Scientific research, in fact, continues to take important steps forward.

With this project, the Veneto Institute of Oncology intends to explain in simple terms the mechanisms that regulate the functioning of the human body, how cancer might form, the progress made by researchers, the consolidated discoveries and new directions.

Ideation and realization

  • Giuseppe Opocher, Scientific Director of the Veneto Institute of Oncology
  • Elisabetta Mutto Accordi, communication consultant and journalist
  • Marco “Gava” Gavagnin, cartoonist and illustrator
  • Sofia De Rosso, scientific consultant for the Veneto Institute of Oncology

Scientific Committee

Elena Berti, Eleonora Capovilla, Laura Evangelista, Daniela Grosso, Fotios Loupakis, Marco Maruzzo, Antonio Rosato, Marco Scarpa


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The booklets

Six comics have been produced as part of the “Oncology Explained” project: click on the cover to read online or to download.
The brochures are also available in hard copy: to receive copies, contact us at

The English version of the cartoons and graphic motions will be available soon.