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UOC Immunology and Molecular Oncology

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The Immunology and Molecular Oncology Diagnostics Unit (IDMO) carries out diagnostic analysis and research projects on innovative diagnostic investigations in various fields of oncology and immunology, from prevention to diagnosis, and from therapy to response monitoring, through the use of different and numerous methodological approaches. The experience and competence of the operators has allowed constant innovation of the analysis for diagnostic and / or prognostic purposes which have proved to be useful and effective on the basis of evidence-based experimental studies, and has made possible their development and availability in advance with respect to their marketing.The Immunology and Molecular Oncology Diagnostics Unit includes the Hereditary-familial breast/ovarian tumors Simple Unit.

Innovation as a vocation

The Unit’s vocation is the development, standardization and execution of molecular investigations and innovative approaches that allow advanced diagnostics, follow-up and personalized therapy of patients with solid and hematological malignancies.

This primary objective is essentially pursued through:

  • understanding and respecting the needs and expectations of particularly sensitive users such as cancer patients and their families;
  • the continuous symbiosis between research and assistance, pursued in the belief that good clinical practice cannot be dissociated from good clinical and preclinical research;
  • the continuous updating of personnel on the most important topics in the fields of immunology and oncology, through the attendance of seminars, courses and congresses as well as close and constant collaborations with international reference laboratories;
  • the meticulous training of technical staff and observance of rigorous executive protocols in the various laboratory techniques, as well as of the most stringent safety rules for the protection of operators from biological hazards;
  • close collaboration with Paduan and Veneto oncologists and onco-hematologists, with a view to spreading the most advanced diagnostics throughout the territory;
  • synergy with the University and Padua City Hospitals, with a view of implementation of their respective competences.
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